Policies P5410 - 5880

Policies P5410 - 5880

P5410 Promotion and Retention

P5411 Middle School Advancement Ceremony

P5412 Middle School Graduation

P5420 Reporting Student Progress

P5440 Honoring Student Achievement

P5446  Graduation and Yearbook Fees

P5500 Expectations for Student Conduct

P5511 Dress and Grooming

P5512  Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying

P5513 Care of School Property

P5514 Student use of Bicycles

P5515 Material / Service Fees, Fines and Charges

P5516 Use of Electronic Communication and Recording Devices (ECRD)

P5516.01 Student Tracking Devices

P5519 Dating Violence at School

P5520 Disorder and Demonstration

P5530 Substance Abuse

P5533 Smoking

P5541 Anti-Hazing

P5550 Disaffected Students

P5560 Disruptive Students

P5561 Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion Techniques for Students with Disabilities

P5570 Sportsmanship

P5600 Student Discipline-Code of Conduct

P5610 Suspension

P5611 Removal of Students for Firearms Offenses

P5612 Assaults on District Board of Education Members or Employees

P5613 Removal of Students for Assaults with Weapons Offenses

P5615 Suspected Gang Activity

P5620 Expulsion

P5700 Student Rights

P5701 Plagiarism

P5710 Student Grievance

P5721 Independent Publications


P5750 Equal Educational Opportunity

P5751 Sexual Harassment of Students

P5752 Marital Status and Pregnancy

P5755 Equity in Educational Programs and Services

P5756 Transgender Students

P5770 Student Right of Privacy

P5810 Student Participation in School Governance

P5820 Student Government

P5830 Student Fund Raising

P5841 Secret Societies

P5842 Equal Access of Student Organizations

P5850 Social Events and Class Trips

P5860 Safety Patrol

P5880 Public Performance by Students

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