Chromebook Lending Agreement

Device Lending Agreement

I (Borrower) am receiving and responsible for the care of a Chromebook or tablet (device), device charger, and case for a tablet or a bag for a Chromebook (protective case). I will ensure that they are retained in a safe environment for the 2022-23 school year.

This equipment is the property of Riverdale School and is being loaned to the student for educational purposes only.  The equipment may not be defaced or destroyed in any way.  The asset tag stickers the district places on the devices will not be tampered with. The Borrower will not add stickers to the device. The equipment will be returned to the school in June or sooner if the student is discharged from the school prior to the end of the school year.

Each student is required to pay an annual usage fee of $40. This fee will be used to maintain and repair our devices as needed. This fee does not cover the charger or the protective case.  This year the annual usage fee will be paid through Payschools at There is an online transaction fee of $1.95. Please contact the main office if you have trouble logging on to pay your fee online. This money is due the first week of school; students will not receive a device until payment has been collected.

If the District Property is lost, stolen or intentionally damaged while in the Borrower’s possession, Borrower is responsible for the replacement or repair thereof and Borrower agrees to indemnify the District from any claim occurring during or resulting from Borrower’s possession.


We have found that this one tip, single handedly, is responsible for preventing most damaged devices.  

Transport and store the Device in its case at all times.  

Please note, lost or damaged protective cases will need to be replaced by the parent/guardian of the Borrower.

  • PLEASE restart your Device every morning.
  • Students are expected to treat the Device, and all equipment, with care and respect.  
  • All Device use must adhere to Acceptable Use of Computer Networks/ Computers and Resources Policy and Regulation 2361 and School District Provided Technology Devices to Students 7523 policy.
  • Devices can be fragile, and if they are dropped or improperly carried (with the screen open) or picked up by the screen, they will break.
  • Objects should never be placed or stacked on top of the Device. 
  • Protect the display by carefully closing the lid with both hands before moving the Device.  
  • Do not leave the Device in an unsecured area. This includes an unlocked locker.  
  • Do not loan the Device to anyone.
  • Protect the Device by unplugging the power supply and other peripherals when transporting the Device.  Students should use care when plugging in and unplugging their power cords.
  • Students should protect the Device from extreme heat or cold. 
  • Devices should never be left visible in a car, even if the car is locked. 
  • Devices should be protected from the weather, water or other liquid, food, and pets. 
  • Students should never eat or drink while using the Devices, or use the Devices near others who are eating and drinking.
  • If the Device is damaged and our school insurance does not cover the cost, the borrower will be responsible for the cost of replacing it.

***The insurance does NOT cover lost or damaged chargers or protective cases. If the charger or case is lost, you as the parent/guardian of the Borrower will be responsible for covering the cost. All original chargers must be returned to the district at the end of the school year. Please do not return your own replacement charger at the end of the school year.  The district cannot provide a student with a Device until the previous year’s Device and original charger have been returned or paid for.***

Borrower acknowledges and agrees that Borrower’s use of the District Property is a privilege and that by Borrower’s agreement to the terms hereof, Borrower acknowledges Borrower’s responsibility to protect and safeguard the District Property and to return the same in good condition and repair.

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